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Adsense Configuration problem

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Asdfs Asdfadfa

How can I configure addsense, i dont understand how paste the code
Andrea Bruno

Go to "Panel Webmaster" (push the button Panel Webmaster).
Fill the field "Google Client" with your Google Client ID, ex.: pub-1234567890.
Go to "Setup", enable and setting the plugin named "Ad Sense", and Save ("Confirm" button at the bottom of the page).
If you enable the setting, "Advertising Rotation", the various authors can enter their AdSense client id smile_omg. For example, users who write in the forum, will enter their Google customer id in the data of their membership. And where will write in the forum topic will appear to rotate their ads advertising, and can then monetize. (Be that way, the users are encouraged to take part in the forum).
If the plugin settings you will set "Advertising Rotation = None", only yours ads advertising will appear and members can not enter their Google Client id.
An alternativa puoi anche usare il plugin "Add html code" per inserire del codice html html nella pagina.
I plugin sono attivabili e configurabili tutti sotto setup.
Se preferisci puoi inserire anche del codice html nella masterpage "MasterPage.Master".