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using google map in photo-albums

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Aboozar Mofid


Is it possible to embed google map tag (Html code) for each photo (that shows the place of the photo on the map)?

Thank you
Andrea Bruno

This function exists and is automatic (in the CMS exists an internal "earth" for maps). The photos must have the Geotag, this tag is added automatically by photo-cameras that have GPS. If your photos do not have the Geotag, you can add it with a software "Geotag Editor". Alternatively, you can edit the xml file that accompanies the picture in the direcory "app_data/photoalbum /etc.": Into the file "N.img.xml" you can find the latitude and longitude parameters to be edited. These values ​​are expressed in metric decimal values​​, with positive and negative sign. If you intend to edit the xml file you should see as an example the xml files automatically generated when you publish the photos.

Remember to enable this setting for your site:
Button "Setup" > "Advanved Propreties" > "Aspect" > "Image Rendering" > "Show Exif Info". (By default it is enabled).

If you want to add the google maps just below the photo, you can add the necessary code in the file "showphoto.aspx.vb" at the point where you find written "'Add Exif info". (You need to be a developer).