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Anne Yeiser
Anne Y

After changing SHARE buttons to be in CONTENT section of SET UP--ADD HTML CODE ---which did not work, the application no longer can be accessed (found onlnine). I deleted the SHARE BUTTONS code and scripts that were added to CONTENT area in position 0. The message is "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete." I tried stopping and starting the app pool on the server. Can you help? Thank you! We started this project last autumn and are now completing it. I do have the most updated version of CMSASPNET.
I had also added a TWITTER script to the very bottom of the MasterPage, but I removed that too. It was related to adding the TWITTER feed to a content page, but I was not able to make that work, though it did work when added to the right sidebar in the SET UP/ADD HTML CODE area.
Andrea Bruno

How did you delete the punlsante sharing scripts and if the site was no longer accessible?
The panel setting is available?
Remains accessible only homepage?

I understand that the scripts do the redirect somewhere but there is some error.

Disable only the plugin "Add html code" (by unchecking) and then save (button at the bottom right).

The addition of the codece HTML pages (buttons, scripts, etc. ..) affect only clinet side. Try to see if disabling the execution of JavaScript in the browser, the problem goes away, otherwise you have to look for the problem elsewhere.

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