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Anne Yeiser
Anne Y

Is it possible to set up CHAT so that only ADMINS or SENIORS ---BUT not USERS can CHAT?
thank you for your help!
Andrea Bruno

You can disable the chat. For everything else you have to put hand to the source code.
If you're going to put his hand to Codie source, this is the condition to check the user's role:

If CurrentUser.GeneralRole >= Authentication.User.RoleType.AdministratorJunior Then
End If

Use this condition to refuse access to the cat and hide buttons.
This sample code is very simple, you can use it to create the conditions that relate to the role of the users who visit the site.

The buttons are in the master page. Their rendering is dynamic. Search the note:
'Button Chat
At the code line 570 (about). You can find them conditional statements REM-ed: Enable these lines and change them as I have suggested.