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Anne Yeiser
Anne Y

I selected NOT to permit a USER to create a Personal Photo Album, but the option checkbox is still in view.

How does the ADMIN (person in charge of the site) find the Personal Photo Albums of a USER?

If the USER creates a Personal Photo Album, how do they share it?

Thank you.

I think I may want to permit the option if it can be managed. For example, how would the ADMIN delete a photo from a USER'S Personal Photo Album?
Andrea Bruno

When a new user joins , it has an option that allows him to get a personal photo album .
This albumin will be accessible by clicking on the user name ( wherever it appears ) , or by going to the profile of him. The profiles have a preview of some hole , and a button to view the entire album .
These photo albums may have a tree structure , divided into folders .
At the programming level , the albums are objects with the management of various privileges. ( Only for programmers) .
When the administrator decides which users can not get a personal photo album , when a new user signs up, you will not see the option that will allow him to have a personal album .
There are also albums fotofrafici for the content of the site, and one for each forum : The photos posted here in the forum will load automatically . The uploaded photos in the album will be re-usable in their posts.
Administrators still have the chance to have photo albums , regardless of the settings .