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Pdf creation of webpage

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Anne Yeiser
Anne Y

On a subsite of the base or parent site, I am not able to create a pdf of a page. The pdf creator works fine on the parent site. I login as admin through the parent site. Is there a way to troubleshoot this issue? When I click on the pdf button, I am redirected to the parent home page, as though an error has occurred. Thank you very much.
Andrea Bruno

It is probably an error in the program. I do not know what it depends on.
From the web.config sets the debug mode: (debug="true")
Delete all files under App_Data/Log.
At this point, try to go on the PDF button, if there is an error it will logged in a file in the App_Data/Log directory.
If you send me these files privately, I will fix the error, or open the file and post here in the forum with the description of the line number.